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Uktvbrackets are a leading supplier of TV brackets and TV stands. Our range includes flat to wall mounts and ceiling mounts. Many of our products come with a built in level for accurate mounting. Our LCD and Plasma TV mounts are made from the highest quality materials. TV brackets and mounts are our speciality, if you need help or advice please ring us on 01352 713134 or 07746 626659 and we will be glad to help. In addition there are instructions for fitting on every LCD television bracket or Plasma television bracket on our website. You can simply read these fitting instructions or download them. All our TV wall mounts and Tv brackets are VESA standard and VESA 75, 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 700 compatible.

So... if you need a strong, long lasting value TV bracket or top quality, great looking TV stand to enhance your home, you have come to the right place.

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LCD Plasma TV Wall Mount Bracket 23"- 32" 1033 Test Product Medium cantilever TV bracket - 23"- 37" - 1215 Glass TV Stand 100cm Black Silver 32"-37" Plasma LCD GT2 LCD, LED swivel cantilever arm TV bracket 15"- 32" - 1082 LED Small TV Wall Mount 14-23" - 1663S LCD Projector Swivel Ceiling Mount 1302 LCD TV, Monitor Wall Bracket Tilt, Swivel 14"- 22" CMW-103 LCD TV Wall Brackets Tilt And Turn25"- 37" 5611 LED Small Medium TV Wall Mount 15"-32" - 1158 LCD Plasma TV Wall Bracket 33"- 60" 1013 LCD Swivel cantilever Arm TV Wall Bracket 14"- 26" CMW-424 Glass TV Stand 80cm Black 26"-32" Plasma/LCD GT3 LCD LED Plasma Tilting TV Bracket 30"- 60" 1005 LCD, LED, Plasma universal table TV mount 26"-32" - TV06 Glass Wall Two Shelf Support - 1703 LCD TV Wall Bracket Tilt And Turn TV 14"- 22" 1045 Small Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket 14"- 23" 1051 Glass TV Stand 100cm Black 32"-37" Plasma/LCD GT2 3 Metre Gold Plated HDMI Cable - HDMI-3

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All bolts for the back of the TV and all screws for the wall are included with our brackets
Why you should buy from uktvbrackets.co.uk

Why would you want to buy from uktvbrackets.co.uk you are going to ask yourself and why wouldn´t you ask that question, as there are many TV bracket suppliers around? Uktvbracket´s products all conform to Vesa standards ( more information here ). That in itself is an important point, it means our TV mounting products are industry tested and not one of the cheap, imported products that are available on many websites. This will keep your TV safe and secure!!

We understand that fitting or assembling your TV mounting is sometimes a worry. No need to become stressed though because we can help. We can't actually come and fit it for you, but what we can do is supply easy to read and understand instructions, written in clear concise language and not translated English as some instructions are. We also supply alongside each wall bracket or TV mount that we sell on our website, a link to a PDF instruction sheet. This can be viewed online or you can download and print it out. Fitting your TV bracket will be easier.

Free next day delivery on all our products. TV mounts or stands are heavy and transport costs are high, the last thing you want is to buy a bracket for your plasma, LCD or LED TV and then get to the payment page and find a huge postage charge. Not with uktvbrackets.co.uk, what you see is what you pay. Postage is FREE to mainland UK and what's more, VAT is included in the price displayed, so it really is what you see is what the final price is, nothing more is added.

Paying by credit or debit card is always a worry. Let us try and put you at ease. Firstly we are a UK company based in North Wales. All products are available for collection as well as delivery for online purchases. You can phone or email us at any time during working hours, for help and advice on which TV mount to buy and if it will fit your TV. Secondly, our payment pages are 100% secure and encrypted ( see our credit card security on terms and conditions page ). In fact the payment page itself is provided by the bank and no card details are available to be viewed by anyone (including our employees). All details go directly to the bank and are never stored making your details 100% secure

We value our customers highly and thank you for purchasing your TV wall mount, TV stand or TV bracket from us. Find your TV bracket for your TV brands

Buying Cantilever TV Brackets

Cantilever TV brackets are for those of us where space is at a premium. It enables your TV to be mounted to the wall in an alcove, recess or corner. A cantilever TV bracket is simply a TV mounting bracket with 3 useful functions. Firstly, the TV can be pushed close to the wall for viewing or storage when not in use. Secondly, the TV can be pulled out from the wall. Thirdly, it can also be tilted up and down or ease of viewing. An ideal solution for that difficult room or office. Again, all cantilever TV brackets conform to industry standard VESA and come with 100% guarantee.

What is VESA? Find out here

Buying a TV Ceiling Mount

These are a popular TV mounting option where space is at a premium or the room is larger and a floor or wall mounted tv would not be as visible. TV ceiling mounts are telescopic and can be adjusted up or down to give maximum TV viewing capabilities. These are a universal mount which means they can be used with LCD , Plasma or the new LCD TVs. Once again, all ceiling TV brackets and mounts conform to vesa standards and are 100% guaranteed. Full fitting instructions come with every TV mount and instructions are available on our website in PDF downloadable versions.

Buying LCD TV Brackets and Mounts

LCD TV mounting brackets come in various forms. The most popular at the moment is wall mounted, these can be slim fixed, wall mounted which means you need to be sure that the LCD TV is the correct position for viewing before you fix the mount as although you can alter the height manually up or down a few inches, the angle of viewing cannot be adjusted.If you are viewing your LCD TV from various angles in the room it may be best to buy a tilt TV bracket so you can adjust the angle to suit your position.

Another popular product is LCD ceiling mounts. These are telescopic and can be height adjusted to suit your room seating positions. As ever, all our LCD TV mounts and brackets are 100% money back guaranteed unlike many cheap imported TV bracket suppliers all our LCD TV mountings conform to industry VESA safety standards so you LCD TV will be safe and secure.

Plasma TV Brackets

Buying your plasma TV no doubt was a big purchase and you chose long and hard over which plasma TV to buy. Equally, choosing the correct mount is as important. After all , you have spent a great deal of money and want to safeguard your investment. No matter if it´s a plasma TV flat mount, swivel / cantilever mount or a simple plasma TV stand, all our products are 100% guaranteed and made to the VESA highest standards, so you can be safe in the knowledge that they won´t let you down.

Worried about how to fit or assemble your plasma tv bracket stand or mount? Then don´t. Every product we sell comes with full easy to understand instructions, these are also available on our website alongside the plasma TV product you have purchased. You can view these online or download and print them out.

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