How to find your TV's VESA measurement

Finding the VESA measurement for your TV is easy and all you have to do is follow these simple guidelines.

  • On the back of the TV you should see a set of four screw holes. If you do not see a set of four holes then unfortunately your TV is not designed to be mounted on the wall. To find out what your TV's VESA measurement is all you have to do is measure the distance between these holes.
  • Firstly, measure the distance between the top two screw holes starting from the left screw hole to the right. All measurements are in millimetres.
  • Now measure the distance vertically between the bottom left screw hole to the top left screw hole. Again measure in millimetres.
  • The measurements you now have is your TV VESA size. An example of this could be 200mm x 200mm (200mm horizontal and 200mm vertical).

Here is a small diagram to help explain this.

VESA Explained

Flat Display Mounting Interface Explained ( VESA TV Brackets )

Most flat panel monitors and TVs are compliant with the VESA standard, which is the configuration of screw holes on the back of the TV for mounting to a wall or other flat surface. There are standard distances between screw mounting holes that are industry standard. If this were not so, then it would be difficult to buy a wall or mounting bracket as all flat panel monitors and tv mounting holes would be in different places and a different, unique mount bracket would be needed for each TV.

When buying one of our TV or wall mount brackets, you will find that they are adaptable and adjustable and generally will fit most TV brands (any doubts please ring 01352 713134 for help in ordering). The following summarizes VESA standard mounting hole patterns that are used today:

For smaller and medium flat panels, LCD monitors and TV screens from 12 inches to 22.9 inches diagonal( from bottom left screen corner to top right screen corner ) and falling in a weight range up to 30.8 lbs (14 kg): 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm (2.95 inches x 2.95 inches or 3.94 inches x 3.94 inches)

For larger monitors with viewing screen size from 23 inches to 30.9 inches diagonally ( from bottom left screen corner to top right screen corner ) weight range up to 50 lbs: VESA 200mm x 100mm and 200mm x 200mm

For large Plasma screens and LCD TV displays 31 inches to 90 inches diagonal ( from bottom left screen corner to top right screen corner ) but weights not greater than 250 lbs there are various hole patterns in 200 mm increments: 400mm x 200mm, or 600mm x 400mm, or 800mm x 400mm.

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